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Unity Group Hosts Several Martin Luther King Jr. Week Activities

Friday, January 06, 2012

The Unity Group announced its 42nd Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Week activities beginning with a special Unity Group Reunion meeting Sunday at Renaissance Presbyterian Church and continuing through the main program on Jan. 16 at the Tivoli Theatre. The theme for the occasion is “Focus 2020—Our Community Challenges, Changes & Commitments. Former Hamilton County Commissioner Paul A. McDaniel, Pastor of Second Missionary Baptist Church, deliver the keynote address. “The challenges of a graying population are pushing us to change business as usual and to rethink past commitments,” said King Week Chairman Quenston Coleman. “We are going back to a time when profits and greed overshadowed human needs.” Rev. McDaniel attended Morehouse College with Dr. King and was deeply involved in the civil rights movement across America. He was elected to be a delegate at Tennessee’s 1977 limited constitutional convention. The loser, attorney Selma Cash Paty, sued to prevent McDaniel being seated because the state constitution barred ordained ministers from elected public office.

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Unity Group Hosts Several Martin Luther King Jr-The – Friday-Januray6-2012



Jesse Jackson in Chattanooga today; Unity Group offers rally alternative

by Yolanda Putman

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, one of the most celebrated black leaders of the past half-century but a lightning rod for criticism, is coming to Chattanooga today, even as the country’s largest neo-Nazi group assembles here to mark its 40th anniversary.

He will join local black leaders in urging residents to stay away from the National Socialist Movement rally Saturday.

“We must not be present to let them provoke us,” Jackson said by telephone from Atlanta on Thursday.

Instead, Jackson urged people of all faiths and races to join him at Olivet Baptist Church today. Others in the community are planning a counter-rally Saturday near the Hamilton County Courthouse, where the neo-Nazis will protest illegal immigration.

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Jesse Jackson in Chattanooga today-Friday, April 25th, 2014


Unity Group pulling together for solutions
by Yolanda Putman

A grass-roots plan to reduce violence and promote economic equality for all emerged from several community organizations whose members were motivated by the recent appearance of a hate group in Chattanooga.

Before the National Socialist Movement had left Chattanooga after marking its 40th anniversary at a meeting here in April, the Unity Group proposed harnessing the energy generated from NSM’s visit to help disadvantaged people in the city.

“The Unity Group started out in politics but we have always had a socioeconomic, community-based agenda,” said Quenston Coleman, the group’s community liaison. The Unity Group focuses on social justice issues.

Crime and economic equality are issues too large for one group to tackle alone, said local Nation of Islam leader Kevin Muhammad. But if organizations unite for a common cause, they can spur progress.

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Unity Group pulling together for



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